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          CEEG always holds “foresight, innovation and responsibility” as its core values,and supplies the world with quality power.
          CEEG (Nanjing) China Sunergy Co., Ltd. Was listed on the NASDAQ in 2007. As a world-class PV enterprise, we are the leader in technology development and management.
          Quasar Type:composed by 60 pieces high efficiency single-crystal cells.
Quasar Power:260W-270W,
Quasar Modules:Mass production
          If the new transformers are all amorphous alloy transformer of each year, then about 50 billion kWh will be saved per year, equivalent to the generating capacity of 2 million tons of standard coal

          CEEG (China Electric Equipment Group),headquartered in Nanjing, China, has its origin from a State Energy Ministry supported enterprise.
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          • 打开Transformers

            Top five of China's transformer industry, world's largest dry-type transformer base, and the overall size of dry-type transformers rank first in the industry.

          • 打开PV

            CEEG is the most complete PV industry chain in China, the world record keeper of PV cells conversion efficiency, and a participating unit of the national PV systems standard.

          • 打开complete equipments

            CEEG provides a comprehensive solution of transmission and distribution integration, widely involved in manufacturing of Box-type transformers and switchgears.

          • 打开Power Electronics

            Based on power electronics and computer technology, research and develop applications and system integration products of power sector.

          • 打开Insulating materials

            CEEG is the largest, strong technical force, professional manufacturer of integrated insulation materials in East China.

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